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Merit Is The Go-To Sunnyvale Restaurant For Everything Vegan

Over the years Merit has become a well-known Sunnyvale Restaurant in the vegan community in Silicon Valley (serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Mountain View, South Bay, Bay Area). The restaurant is a well-loved local hidden gem serving Eastern and Western vegan cuisine using only the freshest, premium non-GMO, no MSG added and organic plant-based ingredients.

This is why vegans and non-vegans keep coming back to Merit to experience the colorful and delicious tastes of plant-based dining!

Merit offers an abundance of fresh items on the menu from appetizers, soups, salads, desserts, and more. Scroll below to find out all about this Sunnyvale Restaurant’s top sellers.


All your favorite mouth-watering pre-entree dishes you know and love are found on Merit’s quality-focused menu. Only guilt-free tasty appetizers can be found here like fresh spring rolls, crispy wontons, and the classic corn dog!


Nothing basic about these fresh, hearty salads that are so filling and bursting with flavor in each bite! Packed with nutritious ingredients that go so well together, you’ll want to try the Satay, Papaya, Lotus, or Seaweed salad, all paired with light delicious sauces, perfect for those who are dairy and nut-free.


This Sunnyvale restaurant has warm and hearty soups that are perfect in any season. Merit’s customers love to order flavor-filled starters like the light wonton soup and or a noodle soup dish like the Curry Vermicelli, or the Saigon Noodle soup which is gluten-free!

Vermicelli & Noodles

A choice of Crispy or soft noodle Chow Mein made with rice or wheat tastes even better than non-vegan dishes! Top recommendations include Pad Thai and Vegetable Chow Fun for a nutritious fresh twist on a classic.

Noodle, Rice, Entrees & Specials

Merit’s main dishes range from noodles and rice plates, special clay pots, bowls, and more! Even non-vegans can’t get enough of Merit’s vegan dishes. Try the BBQ Seitan Over Rice, made with tofu, which is the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious, and other fragrant rice dishes with your meal like the Thai fried rice. Ultimately they are all incredibly filling and tasty choices.


Whether you are looking for that satisfying sweet ending to your meal or wanted to pick up a nice afternoon treat, Merit’s got you covered with all the vegan desserts you can indulge in! From Tiramisu to many cheesecake flavors to choose from, these local favorites can also be ordered as customized whole cakes for any special occasion.


Merit’s beverages are made with fresh organic ingredients that are good for you and have health benefits. Order the popular Vietnamese coffee, a classic yet delicious iced tea, or fresh green juice only at this Sunnyvale restaurant!


And just in case your sweet tooth wanted something more convenient, Merit carries yummy irresistible snacks like Sjaack’s SNAP!, and JOKERZ chocolate bars, and more ...

Click HERE for the entire food menu! Call us at (408) 245-8988 or order online for pick up here. We also provide delivery and delivery through Doordash!


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